Lyzard Froygindeck

About me floats a green warmth. First, the thought of summer, and greenest grass releasing energies relayed it by the sun into the lower strata of the earthly sphere, and upon which I am but a passenger, as Aladdin of old on his flying carpet. But there was no life in this heat. Next I thought the ocean, so green, carpeted as it was in watery locales with buoyant algae, and saturated without by the food for the Leviathan, myself drifting steadily from the roiling surface through this subtropical flow. Again, I was in error. I did not smell the greens of summer, nor choke in asphyxiation, but beheld with dawning dread the terrible revelation of the setting of my darkest dreams in garish color about me.

I laid upon a table riven with green light. There were alien tools and trinkets scattered on a sidebar to my left, and at my feet a screw of some kind, upheld by several retractable arms above the dull floor to perch in predatory fashion over my shoeless feet. It menaced me as only a device of torment could, awakening within me some primal dread. Were this a room dedicated to the convalescence of its prisoners, I had but to cry out to discover my happy captors, and they shush me to sleep whilst injecting liquids into my bloodstream. But alas! I was not so fortunate, and knew such an utterance would but cause the rushing of some demonic form to seal me forever to the table upon which I had awoken. This would not be my final place of repose, nor would I expose my organs to their fetid air. Off, I say! I will leave, and there will be none to stop me. Except, of course, the fear like fire punctuating my heartbeat.

Was that unusual suction, or did aught evil approach from the hallway to my left? Nevermind! I flew to the right, for their were portals in both directions, and by one human sense at least I knew my choice had been limited to the one. Down that passage, and around another, and down again I passed portals of exactness and mathematically frequent nature. Would that I had stopped, I could have examined how precise, how perfectly flawless, how impossibly rounded these portals were, and by what hidden mechanism their spiraling doors opened and disappeared again before me.

But my fear drove me half insane with desire to live, to survive the ordeal Dame Fortune had had in her joy to thrust upon me, and laugh at my silly fate in stumbling down primly slick metal walkways and around blind corners into the invisible nightmares of my own imagining. Was I indeed there? Even now, I often question if it was all a dream, some fascination of the id to draw out the grossest impossibilities in their most famous caricatures, and reveal them for the farce they were, laughing alongside the cackling creatures as they pierced between the muscle and the bone. But I knew this was no game of the unknowable mind. I rounded the final corner, saw It, the one I knew had taken me away. It pointed at me one of three unnatural fingers, and what control I once had over autonomic nervous function by the power of the medulla was wrested from me in an instant. I collapsed unmoving to the cold floor.

When I awoke this second time, this last time, the final awakening my humanity was ever again given allowance, I screamed an open scream. And there was pain and despair, and I knew I was dead. This was communicated to me by that finger, the unnatural one, which might even now command me had I not accomplished what soon I will tell, that secret of liberty for all mankind to record when It returns and attempts the enslavement of men across the earthen globe. It commanded, and I was silent. It offered, and I wept with desire. It told, and I knew. I was It’s servant, to do his bidding, for now and evermore. As now I already said, this is not so now, so take not this writing as writing from It! I will not deceive you as It has! It will tell you what is well, and draw you like cattle before It, and marry the base of the skull with It’s devices so that you cannot divorce the truth from Its own machinations. Believe me!

It led me to the window, and I gazed as a wondering child. There were stars about me, brighter than ever afforded by the crude window of Earth through its stifling atmosphere, pure and unadorned. Something shifted within me, or mayhap the ship itself, and the window turned. Now I saw the greater sight, the eye of our solar deliberations from eternity past. I saw the galactic core! And somehow, through powers given by the benevolent being that stood behind me like some gentle guardian, I discerned the outlines of its cause, those colossal black maws of spatial attraction churning the stars like so many manifestations of the ancient Charybdis. So it was a craft meant to sail the space between the stars, I discerned. And I the first among all of humanity to tread its hallowed decks.

It communicated again through a point of Its finger, and I discovered my true purpose. Through revelation, I was given sight. And through sight, I knew the object of my life’s striving. I would return to earth. I would rise above my fellow men, and lead them into a bold future. And, when the proper time had come, I would smite them all.

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